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The breakthrough


The youth of the world rebel against the establishment. Psychedelic drug culture causes a boom in astrology through the interest in eastern and foreign cultures, especially anything to do with altered states of consciousness, such as meditation and alternate forms of guidance and living. Astrology becomes fashionable in music and conversation. This in turn spawns a revival of serious astrology with an avalanche of publications, occult shops, clubs, societies and organizations in the next decade.

Marcia Moore finds 900 professional astrologers to question for her thesis.

Dane Rudhyar's The Practice of Astrology, The Rhythm of Human Fulfillment, and The Study of Psychological Complexes and Emotional Problems are published.

Astrology: The Space Age Science by Joseph Goodavage


Ellic Howe, in Urania's children estimates that at least 400 astrology books were published in Germany between the two world wars.

Andre Barbault starts marketing computer horoscopes under name of Astroflash. He is the first to design a computer program for casting a horoscope.

Astrology by Ronald C. Davison

The Lunation Cycle by Dane Rudhyar

The Cosmic Clocks by M. Gauquelin

Astrology: An Historical Examination by P.I.H. Naylor

Your Stars of Destiny by W.J. Tucker


Sun Signs by Linda Goodman

The Astrological Triptych and Astrological Timing by Dane Rudhyar are published.


Birth Patterns for a New Humanity by Dane Rudhyar

Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos A reprint of Foulsham's 1917 reprint published by Health Research

History of Magic by Eliphas Levi

Dictionary of Astrology by Dal Lee

The Piscean Age and Aquarian Age by Jon Sturgess

Forecasting World Events by W.J. Tucker


Astrology in Action by Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas

The Astrology of Self-Actualization by Dane Rudhyar

Aspects and Their Message by Edward W.Whitman

Astrology For Everyone by Edward Lyndoe

Astrology and its Influence in the Western World by Ellen McCaffery


Astrology: The Divine Science by Marcia Moore is published. A massive monumental textbook on astrology.

The Compleat Astrologer by Derek and Julia Parker

Time Changes in the World by Doris C. Doane

Horoscopes of the Presidents published by Professional Astrologers Inc.

Astrological Themes for Meditation by Dane Rudhyar

Towards Aquarius by Vera W. Reid

Origins of Astrology by Jack Lindsay

Astral Worship by J.H. Hill


Robert S. Hand begins practicing astrology in Boston and New York. He eventually becomes the leading astrologer in the world in the 1980s and 1990s.

Astrological Houses by Dane Rudhyar

The Circle Book of Charts compiled by Stephen Erlewine

Lure of the Heavens: A History of Astrology by Zolar (Donald Papon)

Astrology Reborn by John Addey

Astrological Research and Reference Encyclopedia is published by Church of light.

The Planets and Human Behavior by Jeff Mayo

Modern textbook of Astrology by Marguerite Hone (rev.ed.)

Astrology in Modern Language by R. Vaughan

A Time for Astrology by Jess Stearn


Person-Centered Astrology by Dane Rudhyar

The Astrologer's Casebook by Z. Dobyns

As Above, So Below by Alan Oken

Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events by Barbara Watters


The Principles and Practice of Astrology (12 vols) by Noel Tyl becomes a best -seller.

The Galactic Dimension of Astrology by Dane Rudhyar

The Astrological Mandala by D. Rudhyar

The Horoscope, the Road, and its Travelers by Alan Oken

Cosmic Cybernetics by Theodor Landscheidt

Astrology: The Celestial Mirror by Warren Kenton

Edith Custer edits The Mercury Hour

The Complete Astrological Writings by Aleister Crowley

The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills

The Twelve Labours of Hercules by Alice Bailey


1. The Antiquity
2. The Roman period
3. The Middle Ages
4. The Renaissance
5. Enlightenment Period
6. Modern times
7. First World War
8. Second World War
9. America
10. The postwar period
11. Information society
12. Professionalism
13. Globalization



Quoted from  Astro-Charts (1999)

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