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Modern astrology


Helena Blavatsky forms Theosophical Society in New York, which spurs the evolution of spiritual astrology.


Richard Garnett writes The Soul and the Stars in the University Magazine in which he attacks astrologers of the time for using too much cabbala and magic rather than using astrology as a science.


The Order of the Magi is formed in Chicago by Olney H. Richmond. The order involves Christian occult astrology.


William Henry Chaney publishes Primer of Astrology and American Urania. Taught by Luke Broughton, Chaney spends 40 years teaching astrology.

Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old), a well-known English astrologer, specializes in occult astrology and joins Blavatsky's inner circle of the Theosophical Society. He has knowledge of Cabbala, Coptic, Assyrian, Sanskrit and Chinese languages. Eventually, Sepharial abandons interest in the esoteric aspect of astrology and practices the practical form.

Alan Leo (William Frederick Allen) publishes the Astrological Magazine. It is financed by Aphorel (F.W.Lacey) a member of the Theo- sophical Society and is very popular and profitable. Leo becomes official astrologer for the Society. He defines astrology within a divine, karmic and spiritual framework.


Alan Leo sets up a chart business and hires a staff of astrologers.


Karl Anderson writes and publishes his Astrology of the Old Testament, a large text with more insights into astrological concepts and references in the Bible than previously disclosed by astrologers. Much of it deals with Christian-Egyptian-Hebrew- Sanskrit numerology, symbols, and ideas used by Freemasons and Rosicrucians.


Karl Brandler Pracht forms astrological society and the Astrologische Rundshau, the most prominent astrological journal in Germany. This renewal of astrology in Germany was mostly the result of Helena Blavatsky's influence.

Alan Leo renames Astrological Magazine to Modern Astrology.


Alan Leo forms The Astrological Society


Old Moore's Almanac sells 500,000 copies.


New Manual of Astrology by Sepharial. Joseph G. Dalton publishes the American Ephemeris. Dalton is involved in the astrological establishment of Boston. Luke Broughton publishes Elements of Astrology.


Evangeline Adams takes up residence in a fashionable hotel in New York and does astrological charts for the rich and powerful for the next years. She becomes famous for her accurate predictions.


1. The Antiquity
2. The Roman period
3. The Middle Ages
4. The Renaissance
5. Enlightenment Period
6. Modern times
7. First World War
8. Second World War
9. America
10. The postwar period
11. Information society
12. Professionalism
13. Globalization



Quoted from  Astro-Charts (1999)

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