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American astrology


The Cycles and Fortunes of Life by Dane Rudhyar is published.


The Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas de Vore, president of The Astrological Research Society.


The Faculty of Astrological Studies is formed by Julia Parker.

A Stock Market Prediction by Donald Bradley is published by Llewellyn.


Astrological Americana by Ernest Grant is published by AFA.


Grant Lewi launches the Astrologer Magazine.

Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey is unveiled to the Public. She asserted at one time that she knew nothing about astrology. This large work of hocus-pocus confirms that statement.

Michel and Francoise Gauquelin test 25,000 charts of famous individuals using modern methods of statistics analysis. Their results disprove some areas of traditional astrology, notably the signs, but support ancient characteristics associated with the planets and 4 Angles.


An Introduction to Political Astrology by Charles E.O.Carter is published.

Astrology and the United States by Howard Lewis begins movement of specific interest in the astrological make-up of the emergence of a superpower following its victory in World War II.


Louis de Wohl's The Stars of Wars and Peace reveals the use of astrology by Hitler's government and Britain's government during the world war.

Doris Chase Doane's Horoscopes of the U.S. Presidents signals growing interest in specific mundane astrology.

The Secret Destiny of America by Manly Hall is unveiled.

Graphic Astrology by Ellen McCaffery


Andre Barbault serves as Vice President at the Centre International d'Astrologie until 1967.

The Sabian Symbols by Edmund Jones is published.


Carl Jung's astrological essay Synchronicity, An Acausal Connecting Principle lures academic minds into astrology.

Jung had examined thousands of charts of married couples in an effort to find a traditional astrological indicator of a satisfactory relationship.


Thirty Years Research by Doris Chase Doane is published by Church of Light.


Astrological Keywords by Manly P. Hall presents a unique dictionary of astrological keywords.

Charles A. Jayne forms the Astrological Research Associates which publishes periodical In Search. He is also president of the Astrologers' Guild


Fire Out of The Stone by Dane Rudhyar is published.

Astro-Economics by David Williams is published by Llewellyn.


Astrology Today: A Socio-Psychological Survey by Marcia Moore begins a period of a new style in astrological writing, which is highly aesthetic and yet advanced and coherent.

Astrology Among the Greeks and Romans by Franz Cumont


Manly P. Hall's The Horoscopes of The United States of America.

Astrology of Accidents by Charles E. Carter is published.

The Horoscope of Soviet Russia is a lecture published by the Philosophical Research Society.


C.C. Zane's Mundane Astrology is published by Church of Light.

Percepts in Mundane Astrology by Frederic Van Norstrand


Message of The Stars is published by the Rosicrucian Fellowship (from Oceanside, California).


Studies in Astrology (4 Vol) by Elman Bacher is published by The Rosicrucian Fellowship

Carl Jung's Man and His Symbols

Astrology by L. MacNeice

Here And There In Astrology by Jacobson



1. The Antiquity
2. The Roman period
3. The Middle Ages
4. The Renaissance
5. Enlightenment Period
6. Modern times
7. First World War
8. Second World War
9. America
10. The postwar period
11. Information society
12. Professionalism
13. Globalization



Quoted from  Astro-Charts (1999)

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