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The Internet


In the 1990s, the revolution of computer astrology continues to accelerate as almost all professional and serious astrologers take up computers to assist their work.

Five computer astrology companies emerge as giants in the field:

Astrolabe Software, Matrix Software, Time Cycles, Cosmic Patterns, Air Software

For the first time, anyone can download a wide assortment of astrology programs on the internet. One of the first popular internet sites is Soon after, astrologers are creating their own WEB (WWW) pages with graphics and actual delineation programs working in real time at any time of the day, for free or a price.

Some of the most advertised high-quality (and high-priced) computer programs in the mid 1990s are:

  • Nova by Astrolabe
  • Chartwheels III by Astrolabe
  • Printwheels DTP by Astrolabe
  • Solar Fire by Astrolabe
  • Jigsaw by Astrolabe
  • Professional Natal Report by Astrolabe
  • CCRS Horoscope Program by M. Pottenger
  • ACS PC Mini-Atlas
  • Blue Star series from Matrix
  • The Natal Report Writer from Matrix
  • The Transit Report Writer from Matrix
  • The Relating Potential Report from Matrix
  • Win Star from Matrix
  • Star Trax 8000 from A.I.R.

At the lower end of the scale are:

  • Astrology for Windows from Halloran
  • Astroscopes for Windows by Jeff Smith
  • Astrologer's Assistant
  • Astroworld
  • Astro Toolkit
  • Expert Astrologer
  • Astrolog
  • Astrol96

Another major change in the astrological world is phone-astrology services, which number in the dozens, but which offer questionable delineations. Many cheat by using public databases containing personal information gathered from credit card purchases.

Robert Hand serves as Chairman on the board of directors of the NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research)

By the mid-1990s, hundreds of astrological organizations exist all over the world, and continue to expand in quantity and quality:

Sun, Moon and Planet Signs by Lyn Birkbeck

Astro-Data Vol IV by Lois M. Rodden

Psychological Astrology by Zondag

Working with Astrology by Michael Harding and Charles Harvey

The Practical Astrologer by David Christie-Murray

Astrological Counseling Containing essays by Eileen Nauman, Bill Herbst, Ginger Chalford, David Pond, Donald Weston, Donna Cunningham, Gray Keen, Maritha Pottenger, Doris Hebel, Susan D. Jackson Edited by Joan McEvers

Saturn in Transit by Erin Sullivan

Astrology from A to Z by Elanor Bach

Archetypes of the Zodiac by K. Burt

What Does Joan Say? by Joan Quigly

Asteroid Godesses by Demetra George

L'Encyclopedie de L'Astrologie 91 by Gilles d'Ambra

Astro Essentials by M. Pottenger

Prediction in Astrology by Noel Tyl

Neo-Astrology by M. Gauquelin

The Divine Plot by A.T. Mann

Images of the Psyche by C. Valentine

Pluto: Das Erotische und Damonische by Claude Weiss

Financial Astrology edited by Joan McEvers with essays by: Michael Munkasey, Pat Hardy, Jeanne Long, Georgia Stathis, Mary Downing, Judy Johns, Carol S. Mull, Bill Meridian

Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape by Erin Sullivan '92

The Luminaries: Sun and Moon by Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene

Astrology: The Richard Sterling Way by Richard Sterling

Computers and Astrology by Patricia Foreman L'Art de l'Interpretation en Astrologie by Georges Antares

New Insights into Astrology by Nona Press 93

Les Transits by Sylvie Beauget

Myths and Signs of the Zodiac by M.Starck

The Astrology Encyclopedia by James Lewis 95


Astro-Charts © 1999


1. The Antiquity
2. The Roman period
3. The Middle Ages
4. The Renaissance
5. Enlightenment Period
6. Modern times
7. First World War
8. Second World War
9. America
10. The postwar period
11. Information society
12. Professionalism
13. Globalization



Quoted from  Astro-Charts (1999)

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