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Astrologen Tycho Brahe
Renæssancens store dansker

 Irene Christensen

Udstilling 2002-03  i anledning af

Jørgen Nash udstiller

Som lidt af en sensation

Maleriet bliver en del af

Jørgen Nash exhibits his Tycho Brahe painting

As somewhat of a sensation the well known multiartist (and brother to Asger Jorn) Jørgen Nash exhibits at Museum of Astrology. An exciting painting with clear relevance to astrology has been borrowed from his private collection and can be seen at the museum from March the 17th unto the end of September. This exhibition ought not to have taken place until June the 1st, but the artist was so kind to suggest a more immidiate display which we of course bid welcome.

The painting heralds a memorial exhibition on the world famous Tych Brahe, who died in 1601 which is exactly 400 years ago. The unique painting by Jørgen Nash measures 130 by 93 cm and is titled 'Prince of the stars, Tycho Brahe, at Uranienborg, Hven'. It clearly shows his silvernose and according to the artist this is the first authentic picture of Tycho Brahe ever. The well known Eckersberg portrait does not show this silvernose. The museum are preparing Jørgen Nash and the Brahe-expert Ann Thulin to give lectures during the exhibition. Furthermore the nestor of danish astrology, Gilbert Tjørnum, who have studied Tycho Brahe extensively may give a lecture on his findings. A scale model og the casle Uranienborg has been donated to Museum of Astrology by mr. Tjørnum.



 Tycho Brahe

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